Combat Information Overload with Crowd-sourcing

If you’re an information junkie like me, you have over 60 RSS feeds in Google Reader, and are tired of staying up late to keep up with the ever-growing mountain of new technology trends before they become irrelevant.  You have tried to reduce unwanted content from the more prolific feeds in your list with tools like Feed Rinse or Yahoo Pipes – yet the unread count still grows larger.

Crowd-sourcing to the Rescue

In January, PostRank released a browser extension which provides a more effective method to improve the signal to noise ratio.  Using crowd-sourced metrics, the extension displays a PostRank Engagement Score beside each post in Google Reader.  The extension  also features a drop-down filter that makes low-ranked content less opaque. While the filter transition animation is slick, a more valuable filter would allow sorting of the content by Engagement Score.

Spreading the Wealth

Recently, this extension was enhanced to display Engagement Scores with:  Hacker News, Google News, Reddit, Google, Delicious and Digg.  Yet without the ability to sort by Engagement Score it’s difficult to define this additional data as anything more than interesting.

What tips do you recommend to overcome information overload?