Coke Freestyle

Recently while having lunch at Cosi, I noticed they had modernized the beverage area with a Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain drink dispenser.  Some research revealed that these dispensers have been around for more than a year, but this was the first time I’d heard of, let alone seen one – clearly I lead a sheltered life.
As you might expect the beverage dispensing procedure is largely unchanged.

  1. Put cup in slot.
  2. If desired, fill cup with ice by pushing it against the swing-arm labeled ice.
  3. Press the touchscreen option that corresponds to the desired beverage1.
  4. Press the button labeled “Push” to fill cup with desired beverage.

The design is visually appealing, but as I watched people struggling to comprehend that the “Push” button was required to release the selected beverage, I couldn’t help but wonder what Don Norman would say about the design.

My Suggestion
Add “Ice” to the touchscreen options, remove the “Push” button and use the swing-arm to control the flow of the selected touchscreen option.

  1. Selecting water takes you to a sub-menu screen with options for still and soda water.